Welcome RAN! – RAN could be everything. First of all – for us RAN was a food-stand to sell delicious israelian streetfood.

And a really good friend which we honoured with opening this stand on his birthday.

The construction-grid we used to design a stable and weather-resistent architecture provided us a good starting-point for further design-thoughts. The crossing wood-struts led us to the core-patterns of our design.

Goal of our design work was to implement the kind of elements we had from the construction of the stand into our corporate identity. So in the end everything is existing out of straight lines and ankles of 45° or 90°.
The colours are extracted out of different colours we used in our israelian food like beetroots, trina, eggplants or potatoes.

Flexible usable stand-construction we`ve developed with some of our best friends.

Graphic Design: thomas pirot & michael schmitz
Idea&Conception: happen.studio
Helping Hands Kitchen: hendrik schneider/ sebastian wolf/ andreas pirot/ benjamin schupp