Ongoing Projects

Men Who Love Men
Movie/Documentation In terms of homosexuality, the social discourse continues to be marked by ignorance, prejudice and taboos. Men Who Love Men tries to explore the multiple aspects of gay identity and sexuality and to make them accessible to people of different sexual orientations.
Team Thomas Pirot ­— conception, direction, camera, photography. Nike Dieterich ­— coneception, direction, projectmanagement, graphic design. Michael Schmitz
— graphic design, crowdfunding. Ran Altamarino ­— illustration.

Ethics (in/and) Design
Documentation Our attempt to explore the concept of ethical design. What does ethical design mean? What does it include? And how can one go beyond the gap between one's own value image and everyday work? What possibilities exist to reconcile his work and his own value concept?
Team Ran Altamirano ­— conception, design. Michael Schmitz – conception, design.

Fashionbrand/Online-gallery 2018 - beginning of the year. Democracy with all its institutions is in an impotent situation against the emerging fast-acting neo-fascist movements. By creating a visually simple artistic language, attention should be drawn to specific political issues.Art is used as a medium to represent political problem situations in an abstract environment of an online gallery.
Team Roman Steinmetz ­– conception, projectmanagement. Benjamin Schupp ­— graphic design, web developement. Michael Schmitz ­— conception, graphic design.