What contribution can communication skills, learned in the course of a design class at university, make to propelling our society towards an optimization compared to the status quo? – That`s the point where I`ve started my research for my final project.

A practice-oriented approach to the term "political design", possible theoretical starting points for design interventions and a guide to action within our society.

Motivation + Action
The two parts, that structure the present work. Every action is existing out of two subareas. First the motivation towards, afterwards the practical part of an action.

Socio-political topics, which consist as the fundament of the motivation towards a political intervention. Collected in a link-based system, in which every impulse out of one text led me to the next source of research. (See the list below.)
As the second part of a motivating process I`ve defined a kind of emotional motivation out of iorrational impulses shown in “feelings-charged” pictures out of the media.

The part of the “Action” is collecting a wide range of different projects to intervent in the urban environment.
The projects are connected through their values like easy reproducable, cheap execution and democratically usable with no specific design- or technical knowledge.

Anleitung zu politischen Aktionen
(B.A. Thesis Hochschule Mainz)
Motivation + Action – Guideline for politically actions

Language: German/English